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GET Kongresse und Tagungen

Who we are

We are passionate event professionals, fully committed to sustainable event technology. We plan and deliver events of all sizes in an efficient and cost effective manner. As a professional provider of event technology, we can realize both small and large events.
We are your partner, supporting you throughout the process from conception, to planning, implementation to dismantling.

What we offer

Whether it’s a small in-house workshop or a polished trade fair appearance, a live event with many guests or a virtual streaming event, you can rely on GET Green Event Technology to support you in implementing your project all over Germany. We provide your events with the required technology including sound, lighting, video or visualization for the right occasion.
Currently, we have offices in Munich and in Bonn.

Why us

Sustainable event technology not only protects our environment and climate, it also looks after your wallet. Shorter driving distances, energy-saving equipment and sustainable packaging material make it possible. We are adaptable and highly responsive to your requirements, even within tight schedules and through unforeseen events.
Curious? We would be happy to advise you!


Streaming technology for your digital event

Perfect events with streaming technology: Most major events have been canceled due to Covid-19. Under what conditions will trade fairs, conferences and concerts be allowed again afterwards? And when does an event actually count as a “major event”? It’s these kinds of uncertainties that force organizers to reschedule. More and more workshops, keynotes and t…

Slido: Interactive tool for meetings and conferences

The world of meetings, workshops and conferences has changed drastically. More and more events are taking place digitally and thanks to the latest streaming technology, presenters can reach their audience at home. All over the world people sit at their laptops, tablets or smartphones and follow events which they might have flown halfway around the globe for in times without travel restrictions….

Interactive communication tools: Skype

Skype: Internet telephony and video conferencing for beginners. The spread of the novel coronavirus and the associated movement restrictions are forcing more and more people to work from home. Many conversations that previously took place in conference rooms or office kitchens have to move to the network overnight. But not everyone has already had experience with video conferencing…

Interactive communication tools: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Educational Institutions: This is how digital teaching works. Photocopiers, overhead projectors, cassette recorders – this is what media use in many German schools still looks like. Digitization offers many opportunities for educational institutions. And not just during school closings, which are a protective measure against the rapid spread of ne…

Interactive communication tools: Zoom

It doesn’t always have to be a complex professional event; simple and sometimes even free tools can also offer the opportunity to get in touch with students, partners or customers. Because we want to make the best of the current situation, we offer free streaming content to assist anyone who has something to say. Hold video conferences with zoom: Tutorial…

Hybrid events

Flying halfway around the globe to attend an event? It isn’t necessary! It’s far more cost-effective and resource-efficient to digitally integrate viewers from all over the world into real-life presence events – using live streams and social media. Whether it’s for 10 or 10,000 participants, on site or at home on laptop, smartphone or tablet: At hybrid events, everyone shares the same live experience…

Contact Person – Branches

GET Green Event Technology is working for you nationwide. Find us at these branches:

GET Events München

GET Green Event Technology Süd GmbH

Bayerwaldstraße 31
81737 München
Managing director: Markus Schlecht

Your contact in Munich

Markus Schlecht

Markus Schlecht

GET Events Bonn

G.E.T. Green Event
Technology in Bonn

Opening times: Mon – Fri. 09:00 bis 18:00 Uhr


“With GET Green Event Technology we have found a reliable and well-positioned partner for the areas of audio, video, stage and lighting technology. The cooperation in projects which have already been carried out, such as the climate summits in Warsaw and Bonn, have demonstrated that we are ideally positioned with GET. The positive feedback from our customers has also confirmed that. We look forward to holding numerous events together in the future.”

Tobias Maier (Braehler)


“I coordinate global product management and look after our teams worldwide. I started working as a sound engineer 25 years ago and love the diversity of my job: Through a lot of different projects I not only have the opportunity to learn new things, I have to constantly develop myself and have been able to take on more and more responsibility. At GET, sustainability is also lived socially and therefore there is a perfect balance between family and work “

Roland Steiner (GET)


The event professionals at GET Green Event Technology assist you with all types of events. Our portfolio includes public events such as concerts and street festivals, and private events such as trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences and meetings as well as corporate events. Would you like to stream your event? We’ll get you online and implement the technical specifics for your hybrid or virtual events.

Event "Lange Shopping Nacht" München - G.E.T. Green Event Technology

Public Events

Whether it’s a classical concert or a huge open air rock gig, every public event has its own set of requirements and potential. We bring you to the stage…

Messen und Ausstellungen - G.E.T. Green Event Technology

Fairs and Exhibitions

From in-house conventions to international trade fairs: we use the appropriate technology to ensure that your presence is eye-catching.

G.E.T. - Corporate Event - UNFCC Warschau

Corporate Events

We assist you with kick-off events, company anniversaries, product launches, incentives and many other corporate events.

Kongresse und Tagungen - G.E.T. Green Event Technology

Conferences & Meetings

We give you professional advice and, together with you, deliver optimal implementation of technical specifics to your workshop or conference.

Audiotechnik - G.E.T. Green Event Technology

Hybrid Events

In hybrid events, participants from all over the world are digitally integrated into your event. We help with the necessary technology and technical know-how.

Audiotechnik - G.E.T. Green Event Technology

Virtual Events

With the help of our streaming technology, we digitize your event and bring it to laptops, tablets and smartphones around the globe.

Technology and advice for your event

Highly experienced event technicians and state of the art equipment that is as environmentally friendly as possible: This is our formula for success for your event!





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