Online using Peplink

Online using Peplink: We’re gaining momentum!

In order for your livestream content to broadcast reliably from wherever you are – even when there’s no landline – we now work with Peplink Max BR 2 Pro. This high-availability router reliably provides internet where there is none and allows for speeds of up to 200 Mbit for up- and downloads. The device serves as a load balancer between SIM cards and WAN ports while creating a VPN tunnel for all signals including up to a data center.

With Peplink, not only do we bundle several systems and lines, thus ensuring greater reliability, but we can also combine existing internet lines with different SIM cards to achieve even higher transmission speeds. For example, we use the device at press events to ensure fail-safe internet.

Do you need a high-availability router as well? You can rent Peplink from us!

Peplink MAX Br2 front

For more information on the device or a cost estimate for your planned event, please contact us at 089 / 94402590 sowie per E-Mail unter We look forward to your inquiry!