Fun for good

Fun for good: G.E.T. donates 1,000 Euros to DKMS charity 

Using hashtag #imoktoberfestspenden and together with “Alpensektor” cameraman Stephan, we started a donation marathon to benefit DKMS (Germany’s Bone Marrow Donation Foundation) throughout the month of October. Every technician and each customer who arrived to our event wearing traditional Bavarian attire, we donated the money equivalent of an Oktoberfest “Mass” (1-liter beer) and chicken to DKMS. That’s 24,80 Euros. A big thank you goes to our entire team, who supported the campaign enthusiastically and always showed great fun in traditional “Dirndl” or “Lederhosen”: Because of you, we accumulated an amazing 40 liters of beer and the same number of rotisserie chickens – thus raising funds for a donation to total 991.80 Euros! Of course, we rounded the donation up to the full 1.,00 Euros! 
Stephan raised 297.40 Euros through selling twelve roasted chickens and beer; three roasted chickens and beer were sold by our Nadja Kalhammer, which totaled 74.40 Euros. That meant, DKMS received the total of 1,371.80 Euros we raised during our events! 

We’re already looking forward to next year, when once again we’ll call for donations with hashtag #imoktoberfestspenden! 
You’ll find more information here: 




Gaudi Für Gutes

This was the event: 

Each day Stephen will come to work in “Lederhosen” and take a photograph of himself. 

He will donate € 24.80 (A chicken and a Mass) for each photo to DKMS charity.


Lasst uns im Oktober fest spenden

Let’s keep donating in October 

G.E.T. proudly supports this campaign and will even up the stakes: 

We will also take photographs of our technicians wearing Wies’n outfits while at work and donate the equivalent cost of a chicken and a beer to DKMS for each picture.

We will follow the campaign and highlight it on our social media channels. A summary will appear on the website. 
Using hashtag #imoktoberfestspenden we will accompany and document the campaign’s progress. We will post all pictures on our social media channels and then publish them on our social media channels. . 

Here is a list of our channels

Now we’re inviting everyone to take part in our campaign! 

Post a picture of yourself in lederhosen or traditional Bavarian costume at work, tag it and donate the equivalent of a visit to the Oktoberfest to the DKMS! 

More information about DKMS can be found here 

Here’s how to donate:  

Recipient DKMS
IBAN DE59 6407 0085 0179 0005 08
Bank Deutsche Bank Reutlingen
Keyword Gaudi für Gutes
Gaudi für Gutes

GET Gaudi für Gutes

The customer is on board 

At the VLE digital event Connected Intelligence – Key Leaders Update of our customer Airbus, it wasn’t just our technicians and cameraman Stephan Jäger who put in a lot of effort: Our customer also wore traditional Bavarian outfits and got into the donation marathon: 13 chickens and 13 mass beer, please! 

That totaled 322.40 Euros, which we will go to DKMS charity using hashtag #imoktoberfestspende. Cheers! 

Here’s a look at Stephan, the event he started and followed on LinkedIn

Here’s a look at our partner “Alpensektor  


Fun for good: The donation marathon continues! 

Lederhosen donations abound not only at the digital VLE show with Stephan Jäger, but also two rooms down at Airbus’ showroom! 

The digital employee training will be streamed live and the customer will once again donate donations by appearing in traditional costume: 
Today’s total: Five chickens and bier mass will add 124 Euros from G.E.T. that will be donated to DKMS! 

Gaudi für Gutes Event

Fun for good in all rooms!

Airbus Defence and Space CEO Michael Schoellhorn was available for this fantastic photo with our technicians in the VLE “Green Screen” after his speech at the Supplier Event, which took place parallel to the showroom. Traditional costumes were worn in all rooms: Using hashtag #imoktoberfestspenden, another eight roasted chickens and beer mass added 198.40 Euros in donations to DKMS.



Fun for good: Another 14 are no problem! 

At the local teamtalk of Airbus Manching, traditional Bavarian outfits were again diligently worn for #imoktoberfestspenden to benefit of the fundraising campaign: The equivalent of another 14 liters of beer and toasted chicken, brought in 347.20 Euros, and donated to DKMS!  
A bit “Thank You” to everyone who was there! 

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