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Sustainability in Event Technology

G.E.T. Green Event Technology’s team consists of our experienced and established colleagues, who will stand by your side while offering extensive and comprehensive know-how in all matters relating to event technology in Munich as well as any project you are planning in other parts of Europe. 

Thanks to our team’s trusted professional relationships with numerous freelance technicians, we can offer great flexibility as we adapt to you and your event’s needs at any time.  

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Are you planning an event and need a competent business partner? Our Munich-based team is happy to assist and will help facilitate a successful event. 

Markus Schlecht, Geschäftsführer

Markus Schlecht


Managing Director, Markus, is our trusted link between the customer and our team members. He makes sure all interactions between customer, event and team run smoothly. 

“It is important to me that our customers are completely satisfied on every level. I strive for a work environment where trust is of the essence and everyone on our team enjoys working for us.” 

Roland Steiner

Project Manager

Roland has been with us from the beginning and is responsible for event planning and implementation of our event’s plans. 

“What I appreciate most about G.E.T. is the close collaboration with Markus and the trust everyone here places in me.” 

Markus Schlecht, Geschäftsführer
Markus Schlecht, Geschäftsführer

Paul HeinIcke


As a project manager, Paul is responsible for our agency work as well as event planning. 

“What I appreciate about G.E.T. is the ability to freely grow professionally and that my creative work is truly appreciated here.” 

Manuel Wimmer


As master sound/audio engineer and aspiring event technician, Manuel is responsible for the handling and implementation of projects. 

“What I appreciate about the G.E.T. is that it’s always on the cutting edge of the latest technology.” 

Markus Schlecht, Geschäftsführer
Markus Schlecht, Geschäftsführer

Stefan Rabe


As warehouse manager, Stefan is our linchpin between planning and error-free implementation. 

“What I appreciate about G.E.T. is the team’s camaraderie and deep trust in each other’s abilities.” 

Felix Fries

Auszubildender Veranstaltungstechnik

As our trainee, Felix accompanies us to our events and contributes his energy and interest in the planning and implementation of events. 

“What I appreciate about G.E.T. is that I’m being properly trained and get to be involved from the very beginning of each project. “ 

Markus Schlecht, Geschäftsführer

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