Slido: Interactive tool for meetings and conferences

The world of meetings, workshops and conferences has changed dramatically. More and more events are taking place digitally and thanks to the latest streaming technology, participants are reached at home. All over the world people sit at their laptops, tablets or smartphones and follow events for which they might have flown halfway across the world in times before travel restrictions. Culture pessimists fear that people behind their devices will experience loneliness if they no longer come together for meetings.

Q&A Sessions: Give the audience a voice

At GET Green Event Technology, we see the positive aspects of this development. Because streaming events can minimise CO2 emissions – it’s entirely in line with the sustainable event technology that GET is committed to. And no one has to feel alone: After all, there are digital tools such as Slido that participants of virtual or hybrid events can use to integrate live into the action. The interactive platform Slido enables the organizer to collect questions from participants during the ongoing event. The speaker can then answer these directly during the lecture or presentation. Within the Slido chat function, questions can also be asked anonymously and rated by other users – this increases interactivity. And before user questions go live, they can be filtered using a moderation tool.

Polls with Slido: capture opinions in real time

In addition to such Q&A sessions, Slido can assist with conducting surveys. In this way, organizers receive feedback and real-time insights into the opinions of their audience during the event. During the follow-up, infographics can be created from the most popular questions and workshop topics which can then be shared with users. Good to know: Slido runs on smartphones, tablets and laptops and is compatible with other applications such as Twitter and Slack. Conclusion: The interactive tool impresses with its intuitive interface and allows for a lively exchange between all participants in virtual and hybrid events. The users are not only passive spectators, but also actively involved in what is happening on the stage.

Would you like to integrate Slido into your streaming event? No problem, we’d be happy to help.

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