Hybrid Events

Fly halfway around the globe to attend an event? That is no longer necessary! It is more cost-saving and resource-efficient to digitally integrate viewers from all over the world into real-life presence events – using live streams and social media. Whether for 10 or 10,000 viewers, on site or at home on laptop, smartphone or tablet, everyone shares the same live experience at a Hybrid Event. Participants can direct questions to the speaker using a Q&A tool, and surveys of the viewers are also possible. Physical and geographical boundaries are eliminated: with hybrid events you can reach interested parties anywhere in the world and open up to completely new target groups for your event.

Hybrid events – organized and carried out by professionals

As experts in sustainable event technology, we have also included hybrid events in our portfolio. We help you with the organization and implementation of GDPR-compliance. We provide you with the entire infrastructure, including cameras, microphones and servers, which if possible is located in a German data center. Worldwide distribution can take place via CDN providers, and additional programming is also possible.

The on-site service is also part of our offer, so that your hybrid event runs well and without disruption. In addition to the live stream, we offer you the option to digitally record your event and then make it available to all relevant parties. The streaming channel can be individually adapted to your company CI – just like the registration tool with which participants of the hybrid event register for in advance.

Hybride Events Technik

State-of-the-art technology and individual support

So why make a choice between a face-to-face event and a virtual event? Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds. There is direct contact and lively exchange with the speakers and participants on site. Connecting digitally to countless viewers from all over the world via livestream or download link is also uncomplicated here. Might you now be interested in realizing your next event as a hybrid event? The professionals at GET Green Event Technology will be happy to help you – regardless of whether you “only” need digital technology or want to book our full service with individual support during the live broadcast. Just talk to us, we are here for you.

Hybride Events
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