Our tailor made construction for your event

Stable and flexible construction elements allow us to bring your vision to the stage. Whether indoors or outdoors in wind and weather, our truss systems can be used anywhere. We are happy to take your individual requirements into account and partner with you from the process of selection of the trusses to the dismantling of them.

Good to know: Event professionals refer to modular trusses made of aluminum or steel as “truss” or “traverse”. Such elements are used, for example, for structures in exhibition halls or on mobile stages. Among other things, they can be used to accommodate payloads or be equipped with lighting technology.

Trussing: models and designs

Event "Knorr Bremse Innovationday" München - G.E.T. Green Event Technology

Different models are used for trussing: 1-point trusses, 2-point trusses, 3-point trusses and 4-point trusses. The decisive factor is the number of main chords, i.e. the cross connections within the trusses. Depending on the type of event and the selected location, the event technicians from GET Green Event Technology will select the right trusses for you. These are then properly assembled. If you want to rent truss systems for your event, we are the event professionals at your disposal.

There are different designs for trusses, for example ground support, tripod or floating. Whether standard structure or special construction, whether bridge, camera tower or square: Our experts will be happy to advise you on trussing!

Sustainably good: trussing, stage technology and Co.

Whether it’s a huge rock open air or an intimate theater stage, an appealing trade exhibition booth or an inspiring conference: If you are planning an event, we will provide you with the right stage technology including trussing.

In everything we do, we not only pay attention to the highest quality, but also to sustainability because we at GET Green Event Technology are committed to “green” event technology. We always work as environmentally and resource-friendly as possible, for example using recyclable packaging material and opting for digital communication over paper.

Because our heart beats not just for perfectly planned, thrilling events, but also for our environment, we have made it our business to preserve the beauty of our planet for our descendants. At GET Green Event Technology we believe that great events and an ecological way of working can co-exist. Do you have any questions about it? Just talk to us.

Our trussing equipment includes the following well-known brands:

Litec    Movecat    ATC

Eurotrus    Chainmaster

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