Fun for good 2022

Gaudi für Gutes

We plan to #imoktoberfestspenden again this year and invite our entire team to participate. For every employee who appears in traditional Bavarian attire during our events in October, we will donate the equivalent of a one-liter serving of beer as well as one “Wild-Mouse”-ticket at the fairgrounds (= 20 euros) to “Wünschewagen” (“wishing wagon”). 

The successful Airbus INVICTUS event has already raised the first 220 Euros and thus kicked off the fundraising campaign. Many thanks continue to go out to “Alpensektor’s” Stephan Jäger for his great idea! 

If you would like to support as well, you can do so by donating to “Wünschewagen” Munich directly: 

IBAN: DE09 7015 0000 0043 1444 43, BIC: SSKMDEMMXXX. 


GET - Gaudi für Gutes 2022

Let’s go! 

During the conference on housing, the event collected another 20 Euros 18-times! (Even if not everyone showed up in Bavarian attire, we decided to turn a blind eye this time.) 

That’s another 360 Euros raised for a good cause! 

People seen in the pictures: 

Tilman Schöberl Moderator 
Team Landeshauptstadt München Regionales 
Fa-Ro Marketing GmbH 
GET Green Event Technology 
Nadja Kalhammer